We aim to create a free Tajweed on-line interaction that will help Muslims to correct their Tajweed.
Our Teachers are qualified teachers with authentic ijazas to teach.
Tajweed has been set up with the aim to teach Muslims how to
  1. Read the Quranic Arab script correctly
  2. Recite 10 small Surah correctly with basic Tajweed
  3. Learn how to recite Quran for elders
  4. Step by Step learning procedure
  5. Learn in-depth Tajweed rules based on Hafs from Asim qira'aat
  6. Master Surah fatiha and 10 small Surahs with Tajweed

Tajweed linguistically means to master something, and when referring to reading the Qur'an it means mastering the articulation of the letters, and reaching the utmost level in pronouncing it well.

This can only be done by pronouncing each letter from its correct articulation point,giving the letters their rights in inherent characteristics, and dues in conditional characteristics. We also need to make short in timing that which should be short and lengthen that which needs to be lengthend.

This can be reached only by studying the rules and by exercising the mouth, tongue, and jaw and much practice of reading.It is also necessary to read and study under someone who has mastered tajweed, so you hear it correctly and be corrected.